OSHA software for the OSHA 300 Log. Workers' Compensation software for first report of injury.

Desktop Software

FirstReport Desktop painlessly fills out workers' comp first reports of injury and maintains OSHA 300 Logs, 300A Summaries, and 301 Incident Reports. All of your data stays on your own computer or network.
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No changes for OSHA 300 Log
this year
There are no changes to the 2012 forms. Although OSHA has announced that a new column will be added for musculoskeletal disorders, they have not yet released the new forms. The new form will not be implemented before 2013.


Internet Service

FirstReport Online, an Internet based application provided by FirstRecords, LLC. fills out OSHA 300 Logs and workers' comp first reports of injury, as well as auto and general liability insurance forms over the Internet. There's no software to purchase or install. Click here for details.

How is FirstReport Online different than FirstReport Desktop?

FirstReport Online is an Internet subscription service provided by FirstRecords, LLC. Designed for large enterprises, where data needs to be entered remotely from several locations, it runs completely over the Internet.  
FirstReport Desktop
is traditional desktop software. You purchase an annual license and install the software on your computer(s). Designed for businesses with single or multiple locations, but with centralized data entry.

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